Classic menswear and the fine life

Welcome to Vintagebursche! My name is Niklas and in my blog I would like to share my passion for classic menswear with you. Thereby I take many detours into the history of clothing and other parts of vintage culture. From tips for certain outfits to concrete buying recommendations you will find everything here. An overview of my buying recommendations can be found here: List of shops and brands and in case of tailoring supplies here: Tailoring Supplies. Have fun browsing!

The Babylon Berlin Style – Gereon Rath Mystery

How to configure a MTM shirt

Dinner Suit and Tuxedo – About evening wear and black tie

Boater, Canotier, Kreissäge – the round straw hat

Breeches and Knickerbockers

The ‘Al Capone’ – 1920s theme party outfit #1

Tweed – outdoor fashion for traditionalists

Peaky Blinders outfits: The style of the Shelby brothers

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