Klassische Herrenmode und das süße Leben.

Welcome to Vintagebursche! My name is Niklas and in my blog I would like to share my passion for classic menswear with you. Thereby I take many detours into the history of clothing and other parts of vintage culture. From tips for certain outfits to concrete buying recommendations you will find everything here. An overview of my buying recommendations can be found here: List of shops and brands. Have fun browsing!

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Paisley – der Augenmagnet aus dem Orient

Das Babylon Berlin Outfit: Gereon Rath und der nasse Fisch

Wie konfiguriere ich ein Maßhemd?

Der Nadelstreifenanzug – Mafia, Gordon Gekko & Co.?

Mein YouTube-Kanal

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Abnehmbare Krägen – Vatermörder & Co.

Das Peaky Blinders Outfit: Der Style der Shelby-Brüder

Vintage-Drinks und Barkultur: Remedy Elixir


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