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These are the two pattern sheets that are included in our sewing book Sewing Vintage Menswear (Digital International Edition). You will receive a protected and printable PDF file consisting of the two pattern sheets, but without the tutorials (which are only part of the book).

The PDF can be downloaded up to 3 times and for 14 days after the purchase is completed. The download link will be sent to you by email. Please be sure to check your spam folder!

Click here to see instructions on how to print the pattern sheets.

  • Format: ca. 90x150cm
  • Sizes: Menswear sizes 46-60 (EU), Collar sizes 41-48cm, Cap sizes 55-62cm
  • Following patterns are included:
    • Shirt
    • Detachable collars: Spearpoint, Imperial, Rounded high collar, Club collar
    • Fishtail-Trousers
    • Knickerbockers
    • Waistcoats: Single and double breasted, with and without a lapel
    • Flatcap and Newsboy Cap
    • Spats
    • Dressing gown

In case you change your mind later and want to purchase the whole ebook, we will be happy to give you a coupon code for the amount of the pattern sheets, so you don’t pay double. Please write to for your personal coupon code:

The distribution of the PDF file is prohibited. Printing is only allowed for personal use.


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