Most of the posts on this blog contain recommendations on where to get the pieces I am displaying – no matter if it’s a double breasted suit, balmoral boots or boutonnières. This page here is meant as an overview.

This list is not in any way complete. You are welcome to suggest more shops and brands to me via e-mail. However, all sources need to fit my audience and me in terms of content and quality. Furthermore, I am living in Germany, so this list is dominated by sources in Germany and the rest of Europe.

I’ve also split the list into general classic menswear sources as well as explicitly vintage menswear. I do prefer sources that state where and under which circumstances the garments are produced.

Each link is marked, depending on my personal experience with the brand/shop. Positive experience are marked with an ▲ and bad ones with an ▼. If I had no experience at all, you’ll see a ○. Finally, affiliate links are marked with an *. You can read my explanation of affiliate links here.

If you find this list helpful, please feel free to

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Vintage menswear

Labour UnionHistoricizing fashion 1940-1980Fertigung in China
Simon James CathcartHistorical fashion around 1930High quality, unknown manufacturer location
Darcy ClothingHistorical fashion 1700-1920Mainly produced in England
Pike BrothersWorkwear 1920-1940Made in Portugal
Bracksiek & HemmelskampDetachable collarsMade in Germany
Thomas Farthing
Historicizing fashion around 1930
Made in Europa
Oldfield ClothingVintage fashion 1920s to 1940sMade in UK
Cousin Jack MenswearVintage fashion 1920s to 1940sMade in EU
RetroniaHistorical fashion 1920-1930Made in Germany
RosentreterHistoricizing fashion around 1930
Made in Germany
Vecona Vintage
Historicizing fashion around 1930
Value for money is unsatisfying, Made in Germany

General classic menswear

Sebastian HoofsSuits, shirts, coatsThe best bespoke tailor imho, does vintage as well, Made in Germany
John Crocket*Tweed, british StyleShop in Cologne, great value for money, UK fabrics
SuitSupply*Suits, coats, shirts (RTW and MTM)Good value for money, Made in China
Charles Tyrwhitt*Shirts, suits, coats (RTW), Shoes
Made in China
Apposta*Shirts (MTM)Made in Italy
Tailorstore*Shirts, suits, coats (MTM)Made in Sri Lanka
Falke*Knee socksGreat quality, Burlington (Argyle) socks, Made in Europe and South Africa
Shoepassion*Goodyear welted shoes
Reasonable leather quality, good value for money, Made in Spain
Oxfords and more*Goodyear welted shoesSecond-hand shoes from well-known brands
Langer & Messmer / Loake 1880Goodyear welted shoesGood value for money, made in Europe
Analogue ApproachTies, gloves, pocket squaresVery high quality, Made in Italy, formerly known as Vecchio Anseatico
StenströmsShirts, AccessoriesMade in Estonia and China
Amidé HadelinTies, pocket squares, bracesVery high quality, Made in Europe
NeckwearTies, pocket squaresGood value for money, Made in China
NogommesShirtsUgly online shop, but great value for money, Made in Thailand, directly from the manufacturer
LuxireJackets, trousers, shirtsGood value for money, Made in India
Shibumi FirenzeTies, pocket squares, bracesVery high quality, Made in Europe
Rampley & Co.Pocket squares, silk liningsVery high quality, Made in England
Walker SlaterTweedBad online shopping experience, but great quality. Made in Europe
Sons of Savile RowShirts, suits, coats (MTM) Made in Poland
Hockerty*Suits, shirts, coats (MTM) Made in China
Do not buy from Hockerty!