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Tweed – outdoor fashion for traditionalists

Meteorologically, autumn begins in September. Depending on the region, it often takes at least a month longer until temperatures have fallen sufficiently. But then it is high time to get your tweed three-piece out of the closet. The brave choose cloths with striking patterns and structures, e.g. large checks, houndstooth or herringbone. Brown and green tones are particularly obvious with tweed, but not a must. I give bonus points for waistcoats with lapels.

Rustic and warm

Strictly speaking, tweed is a hand-woven cloth made of coarse wool. This makes it warm, heavy and resistant. In its countries of origin Ireland, Scotland and England it is therefore ideal for outdoor activities where you might get dirty. Optically matching and just as functional, Balmorals are particularly suitable as footwear to go with coarse wool.

Dunkelblauer Tweed-Dreiteiler

Dark blue tweed three piece

Although the overall appearance can be very elegant, the look and feel of the fabric is rather rustic. A great interplay. One associates it with hunters, foresters and the British landed gentry. Probably the best known cloth is Harris Tweed. This fabric comes from the outer Hebrides in Scotland and has been a legally protected designation since the Harris Tweed Act of 1993.

Buy recommendations

The beauty of it is that not only jackets* or entire suits* are made from tweed, but also caps* and many everyday objects, such as hip flasks* or bags*. Just browse through the shops.

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